Sleep Masks – Do They Really Work? Which Is The Best Sleep Mask?

Best Sleep Mask Lowdown

holly go lightlyWell, I will actually answer the title of this article before I have started. Well, yes they do. I never thought they would, but boy do they work.

I have been waking up in the night a lot this year. Come 3.30am, I wake up to use the bathroom, and then low and behold, I am unable to get back to sleep. My mind is full of all sorts of nonsense, worries and things to do, and no matter what I tell myself, these distractions will not go away, and I am still awake at 5.30am. Oh boy, another day feeling exhausted!

The Gateway To A Better Nights Sleep And The Land Of Dreams

LullabyLuxe_17My friend recommended that I try a sleep mask, and only the best sleep mask by Lullaby Luxe.  Apparently they make you sleep for longer, and they also help you to sleep more deeply. If you sleep with an eye mask, you are much more likely to have more vivid and intense dreams that last for longer. As soon as I tried sleeping with a sleep mask, I immediately started to sleep for longer, and indeed my dreams were more vivid and I felt really rested in the morning. I no longer wake up at least unto 5am, and then I can go straight back to sleep. I am so grateful my friend told me about sleep masks.

This is officially the best sleep mask I have tried, it’s from Amazon and I LOVE it!!


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