The Benefits Of A Past Life Reading. Why Everyone MUST Have One!

A past life reading or past life regression is essential and may be the only possible way of healing from a traumatic experience that a person is experiencing in his current life.  Any traumatic experience can cause us to hold back in life and may cause an unbearable distress.  There are numerous ways on how to conduct a past life reading; it can be during hypnosis session or during alchemical hypnotherapy practice.  Alchemical Hypnotherapy is derived from the word “alchemy” which is about the transformation of the basic metals into gold.  Alchemical Hypnotherapy is about transforming the human spirit which involves tapping on the past life.

The Top Benefits of Past Life Reading

The key essentials of past life regression is about love, acceptance, and peace with the things which can liberate the energy of transformation.  Here are the top benefits that you can expect when you have your past life regression.

Healing Traumatic Experience

This is one of the primary reasons why some people acquire this type of healing.  When someone is experiencing a traumatic stress, the past life reading session will involve rescuing their self in the past and taking him to the present.  It can also involve a higher understanding in order to promote healing and acceptance.

Healing Explicit Act

In this type of healing, the past self is considered as the culprit.  In case you are experiencing a certain level of remorse due to your past action, this can immensely help you in forgiving yourself.  This past life regression session will provide healing through the victim’s forgiveness or conducting a proper atonement.  It can also involve the forgiveness of present life on the past life’s explicit act.


A lot of us probably have desirable attributes and talents during our past lives.  With the help of a therapist, we can take a journey to one or several past lives.  The therapist will not require you to say any attribute that he would like to tap into.  During this past life reading, they will have the capacity to extract the attribute in the past.

Revision of the Contract in the Past Life

Some of us have a Karma that involves a distinct person.  This can be traced back on an agreement or promise that is created in the past life with that particular person.  The practitioner will contact the past life where the agreement was created.  After successfully doing this, the practitioner can then revise the agreement through past life regression.

Most people receive a higher understanding about themselves after the past life reading.  This process can shine a light on the complex tapestry of a person’s entire existence, and it also offers them the opportunity to transform their soul.  You will have a more sense in life when you have a profound understanding about it.