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WARNING! The best psychic readings are not always done face to face. A great Psychic does DOES NOT need to meet you! Chat to your Medium on the phone or online, DO NOT let them be influenced by your behaviour or body language!

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All of these Psychics/Clairvoyants/Mediums are vetted, rated and scored. Meet some of the amazing Mediums below. Pick the best one for you!

Bridgette has been working in her field for 30 years. Just ask her a question, and her Guides will do the work. Her aim is to give you a peace and understanding that you didn’t have before.

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Meet Stevie, who connects people with loved ones who have crossed over

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Listen to your intuition, and you will pick the right Psychic for you. There are so many talented Psychics for you to choose from

We recommend the oldest, and highly respected service in the industry. All Psychics are vigourously screened to ensure that you only speak to one of the best Psychics in the business.

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The Best Readings ARE NOT Face To Face!

Be in control of your reading – Choose the right type of Psychic reading for you, in the comfort of your own home, where you feel most comfortable.

Get the best reading for you – Choose the best style of commication for you. You can chat on the phone or have a live chat if you would like an immediate response. You can even email if you are still thinking about the questions that you really want to be asking.

There are a huge variety of different readings, choose what is truly right for you. Click on an option to learn more – clairvoyance, tarot, astrology, past lives analysis, dream interpretation, numerology

Be your true self – Talk comfortably in private about any subject. You can be as honest as you like.

The most accurate reading – A true Psychic does not need to be facing you to make an accurate and insightful reading. Many so called ‘clairvoyants’ may analyse your behaviour, mood, body language, and this can lead to a false reading.

Feel more comfortable and relaxed – As you will be more at ease, this will make it easier for your Medium to connect with you.

Channel your intuition – Without outside influences, sit quietly and choose the best Psychic and the reading that is truly best for you.

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So, what type of reading is best for you?

Love Psychic Readings

psychic reading Naples FL

No matter what your questions are, and whether you are single or married, a love Psychic Naples FL will be able to help you. Nothing is perfect, and sometimes we just need a little help to discover our true path to love and happiness.

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All the answers you need are out there in the universe – finding your soulmate, cheating, marriage, sexuality, patterns that keep reoccurring in your love life. The answers are out there ready for you to discover!

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Tarot Card Readings

clairvoyant Naples FL

Tarot cards are ideal if you would like to pinpoint specific dates and times in your readings, as the cards enable the Psychic to break down your reading and the cards by month and years. Tarot cards and their magical symbols are extremely powerful, and act as a channel to really help your Clairvoyant Naples convey the most accurate and insightful reading for you.

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Tarot cards and their symbols actually date back to ancient Egypt, and then became popular once again in 15th century Europe. Tarot cards are excellent at answering any questions you may have about relationships, love, spirituality, career or money matters.

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Astrology Readings

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Astrology is known as the oldest science in the world. It dates back to ancient Greece, but in all likelihood goes back much further than that, we just don’t have the historic records to prove it! Astrology is precise and scientific, and a reading is therefore able to give you insights into your personality and life choices, that can be very enlightening.

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Astrology can show you why you may be repeating certain patterns, or making certain life choices. An astrology reading can give you a deep insight into your personality, and can also give you a clear direction of where to go. An astrology reading is extremely powerful and can be life changing, offering great accuracy and depth.

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Past Life Readings – Who Are You?

psychic medium Naples FL

Have you ever felt like you have met a person before, or been to a certain place before? Are you passionate about a certain country, region or era of time? Do you have any health issues, or any recurring patterns in your life? A past lives reading can often be mindblowing at revealing to you your true self and life purpose, and will help you to understand your current circumstances and see the bigger picture.

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A past lives reading can almost feel like lifting a veil, in which you weren’t seeing quite clearly. It will help you to understand the real you, and it will really help you to maximise your life potential and help you on your spiritual path.

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Numerology Readings

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Numerology is a very powerful method to channel your past, present and future. Numerology has origins going back in time as far back as we can trace to the Kabbalah, ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt as well as South America, India and China.

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Like the tarot cards, numerology is a form of divination, and allows your Psychic Naples FL to channel the answers you need from your reading. A good numerology Psychic will be able to interpret the hidden meanings and messages in your numbers, and will also be able to give you insights and advice into your personality and current circumstances.

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Dream Analysis

psychic reading Naples FL

Dreams provide a direct connection to the subconscious mind, and provide a gateway to unlocking hidden truths that are locked inside your subconscious. It may also be through dreams that a loved one or your Spirit Guide may try to connect with you. Given these two factors, an analysis of your dreams may be one of the most powerful things you can do to reveal spiritual messages and your inner truths.

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Try to never miss out on important messages again by writing your dreams down immediately upon waking. Keep a notebook and pencil by your bed. Once you have a clear record of your dreams, a dream interpreter will help you to understand your dreams true meanings, and any messages that you should be receiving, providing you with a deep insight and understanding into your waking life.

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